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How many times a day do you look at your wall?

How many times does a sumptuous pie not stare back at you?

How many months will you torment yourself with this divine longing, this soul-rending animal cry inside you that dares to be embraced by the all-holy heaven of sauce, crust and cheese?


No words!

No designs!

No flourishy nonsense!

Just bigass pictures of the hottest pizza you'll ever lay your ocular spheres of desire upon!


Make it a December to remember with this Diavola from San Matteo in NYC!

Where'd these pictures come from?

I took them all!

Me, some guy who also made this site and this calendar!

I took all these pictures, I ate every single one of these pizzas. This is as legit as hot pizza calendars get my friend!

Q & A Time

Let's See Some Qualifications Buddy

Are you really gonna give money to a stranger on the internet for a pizza calendar that probably isn't even made with real cheese? LET'S SEE YOUR PROOF

Q: How big is this calendar?
A: Hot Pizza Calendar is a hanging wall calendar that comes in two sizes, 8x11 and 12x12! The perfect sizes!
Q: What kind of slices and/or pies can I expect to see in this calendar?
A: All sorts of stuff! Whole pies from Italy, slices from NYC, even some weird grid-style slicing from the midwest!
Fall into October's sun-dappled pepperoni landscape, from The Glenn Store in Michigan!
Q: This seems kinda pricey for a calendar! Shouldn't it cost less?
A: There's a good reason why the price is what is is - I'm just one guy putting this thing together! If you try to find a comparable calendar featuring only the most succulent of adequately-heated pizza action, you won't find anything at all, proving once and for all that this world is entirely a sham!

Most calendars you find in stores and online are mass-produced in huge bulk shipments, and I'm super small-time and can't afford that right now, so the current price takes into account the higher cost to print this thing.

But who knows - if enough people end up craving hot pizza action on their walls, bringing the serenity that only an all-seeing pizza presence can provide, maybe I'll make a deal with a bigger publisher to help bring the price down for everyone!
March's nigh-impressionist pie, fresh from Coney Island!
Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is a flat $5 to US addresses. The one exception is that if you're shipping to Columbus, OH, shipping is free!
Q: What are some of the best pizzas you've had?
A: The personal Sicilian pie at Cortese Restaurant in Binghamton, NY was so good that it ruined my internal pizza criteria and I actually got upset about it!

San Matteo's Diavola pie in NYC is consistently amazing, and I always try to stop by when I go back to visit family.

And during a trip to Italy that was 95% pizza tourism, the Margherita pie at Osteria Caffè Italiano in Florence was absolutely astounding - it was so good I put it on the cover of the very first calendar!
Q: Which is better, Neapolitan or Sicilian-style?
A: Which is better, breathing in or breathing out?

Treat yourself and your wall today!

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